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IMPORTANT! This site is in the process of going into READ ONLY mode. As of 25/06/2013 no new tables will be created and after 01/10/2013 no more teams or results will be able to be added to existing tables.

The app is now available at

It lets you create league tables for tournaments or make league tables for games by simply:

  • entering a name for your league table;
  • setting how many points you get for a win or draw in that league;
  • adding teams or individuals to the league;
  • recording the results of matches between those teams or individuals;
  • sharing the tables you've created with anyone you want!

You might be at a sports tournament? Or at home gaming with friends? And you need to make a league table. Whether it's Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Futsal, real or virtual, maybe even FIFA on you're Xbox, PlayStation or Wii, whatever really, chances are you could use SportsTables to compile the results of the competition and create a league table for you.

Why Sign in?

Signing in saves your tables permanently and allows you to access them from different devices.

You don't need to sign in to use SportsTables as a temporary account is automatically started for you, but it expires after a long period of inactivity (years) and only applies to the device it is initially created on.

If your temporary account expires, or you move to another device, tables associated with that account will be lost. It doesn't stop you starting again, making new tables, as a new temporary account immediately begins. If your not signed in a temporary account is always present and ready for you to use.

You can move temporary tables to your permanent account by signing in. Once moved they will no longer appear in the temporary account, you will need to sign in to see them.

To keep things simple we've delegated account creation to , so you'll need a Google Account to sign in with.

Get it at Blackberry app world Android app on Google Play Available on the app store